HALTing a Grief Spiral by Melanie DeSimone

Definitely need to learn to HALT. Loneliness is not an issue …. I can always find something to occupy me, however isolating is. I just feel so different than “intact” people and tend to shy away from real interactions. Will put Melanie DeSimone’s suggestions to use.


If you’ve ever been in any kind of counseling or recovery group , you have probably seen or heard this acronym and advice: HALT  before you speak.

It’s a great reminder that I should take a moment to consider my frame of mind before I blurt out something that might damage a relationship or wound someone else’s heart.

I had never thought about it until recently, but it is also a great reminder to us who grieve that what we interpret solely as grief (which we cannot control) might be compounded greatlyby other things (some of which we can control).

So I am learning to apply the HALT acronym to a grief spiral in my own life.

When I feel absolutely overwhelmed and the grief wave is dragging me under I ask myself, “Am I hungry, angry, lonely or tired?”

hungryH-Am I hungry?

  • Have…

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